Pancake Party – Pictures and Poems

Thanks to Felicity for gathering together all these snippets from our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Party. It was a phenomenal success and sheer good fun (thanks to Susy for hosting, Lesley Heffer for setting our quiz and Andy for his tech support).

Joke: How do you make a pancake smile? You butter them up!
(And Susy and Annie had many more pancake jokes too at which heartily groaned!!)

Competition prize winners were 

  • best pancake flipper: Lesley Smith
  • best decorated: Joyce Morris, with Rebecca and Philippa Smith coming second
  • most looks a member of the staff team: Rosemary Meara’s portrait of David , with Annie’s portrait of Mum Susy coming second

Quiz winners: John and Joyce Morris

Just a selection of images, clockwise from top left:

Marian by Rebecca and Philippa (S), Marian by Susy, Susy by Janet, Meghann by Annie, Susy by David, Felicity by Philippa (B),


Pancake Haiku…
Will my pancake flip?
I grip the handle with care
Up it flew…..but flop


I’d like to be a pancake,
 Round and soft and yummy.
 A very scrumptious pre-Lent treat
 All ready for your tummy.

 I’d hop into the frying pan
 And turn a golden brown.
 I’d get a most delicious tan
 And then flip upside down.

 I’d tumble out onto the plate
 And curl up at the edges,
 Preparing to embrace my fate
 When I’m cut into wedges.
But first the lady of my dreams
 Will sprinkle me all over
 With sugar, as I gently steam,
 Her tasty Casanova.
She’ll  squeeze the lemon on my skin,
 And give a hungry look,
 As with a sybaritic grin
 I’m eaten by my cook. 
David Meara

It's Shrove Tuesday so what do we do?
 Prepare and cook pancakes for me and you.
 I like them with sugar and lemon as well
 But you may think savoury your hunger will quell.
 The first one breaks up and looks such a mess
 But I will enjoy it nevertheless!
 I use a small frying pan, it’s easier to toss.
 Don’t stick to the ceiling: I can’t bear the loss.
Pam Cooper

A Dog's Breakfast
‘Oh heaven only knowses
 The noselessness of Man!’
 They haven’t an idea of what
 Is sizzling in the pan.
 Their sense of smell
 It cannot tell
 The batter from the butter.
 And only when they’re eating
 Do you hear the sighs they utter.
 The dog knows every grain of flour,
 Each drop of milk by name.
 And when they’re mixed together,
 The smell will change again.
 His nose and brain they are as one,
 The pleasure’s in the scent.
 But once the food is in his mouth,
 He wonders where it went.
 Forget the ‘chew and savour’
 As down his throat it glides
 Pancake? Hey, what pancake?
 It didn’t touch the sides!
Pancake Dream
Pancakes fry, pancakes sizzle,
 add runny honey or lemon drizzle.
 Juicy strawberries, sliced bananas too,
 only the best yummy fillings for you.
 Grated chocolate, chopped nuts and clotted cream,
 now come and tuck into your pancake dream!
Ann Thomas (2)