Onsite Services

Details of COVID protocols for our services from September 19th to December 19th are given here

We are offering a range of services over this period, which, between them, cover our diverse needs and interests. ‘Open Space’ resumes on 3rd Sundays from October at St Mary’s Kidlington, (‘Altogether’ has been happening at St John’s for a couple of months already); and one Sunday morning each month we will have a completely said service at St John’s and St Mary’s Kidlington. In balance with this, there will be a service with full music and a larger choir at St Mary’s Kidlington once a month, and  ‘Sing to the Lord’ and Choral Evensong remain on the second and third Sunday evenings respectively at 5.30pm. The default service for St Mary’s Kidlington involves a reduced choir and slightly less music, much as we are doing at the moment.

All services until the end of October are shown in the parish calendar and are listed below. Booking is no longer required.   We do ask you to continue to wear a face covering in church, unless you are exempt.

All services shown are at St Mary’s Kidlington unless indicated by (J) for St John’s or (H) for St Mary’s Hampton Poyle.