The Making Group

The Making Group started in 2015, to offer a chance to respond creatively to the Lent study theme, by making a series of installations in church, using art and craft techniques. Since then it has contributed to our worship with other installations for Lent and other seasons.

Most recently, they were working on a project for Lent 2020 “Broken but Beautiful”, a response to the BBC TV series “Broken” about a priest ministering on a run-down housing estate in a northern city.  They had only managed three sessions before the COVID-19 lockdown but had already created two striking pieces.

A circle of distressed and distorted books, a representation of the inadequacy and brokenness of the Law, so vigorously promoted by the Scribes, but criticised by Jesus

A collection of pots which each contains a crack made beautiful with gold paint – our response to Jesus’ encounter with the “woman of ill repute” in Luke 7, vv36-50:

The Group met “virtually” during Lent 2021, following the theme ISAIAH 60-62: “BEAUTY FOR ASHES: A JOURNEY FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT”.

For more about their exciting and challenging projects, just click here.