We are here to help you have the funeral that is right for your family, whether that is burial or cremation, at the church or in the crematorium. All of these options are currently available. Guest numbers are limited and face coverings must be worn inside buildings. You do not need to be a church-goer to have a church funeral: God loves us all and his promise of new life and resurrection is for all.

Every funeral we take is personal and we will support you in choosing music, readings, poems, and special touches so that the service honours your loved ones and gives you the safe space you need to pay tribute, to grieve, and to entrust them into God’s loving arms.

Family members and friends can speak, you can have live or recorded music (or both), and you can biblical or secular readings and poems. If there are special things you would like to do we can usually make them happen too.

After the funeral we are still here to support you with friendship, prayer, and bereavement counselling through our Pastoral Visiting Group if you would like it. As our churches are open during the day some people like to come inside and spend quiet time on their own before or after the funeral. You are always welcome to do this or to join in any of our services in church or online.

We will also invite you to our two annual service of remembrance at All Souls (the Sunday nearest to 2nd November) and Christmas. These are gentle and beautiful occasions where we can be together and remember all those we love and have lost.

If you would like to find out more or would like to arrange a funeral, please contact Felicity or Martin