Joseph in a day

Please come and join our ‘Joseph Challenge’ day of fun and fellowship on Sunday, 21st April 2024, St Mary’s Kidlington, 11am to 5pm

The focus is on fun and fellowship. Everyone from our three churches is invited. Everyone will be able to get involved. You can choose what you do.

Here are a few ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ for the actual day:

  • Don’t wear anything special – just your normal clothes.
  • Do come and join us – no pressure – stay as long as you can. (We start at 11am and finish at 5pm).
  • Do bring something to share with others for lunch.
  • Do let us know that you are coming (if you can). If you haven’t already signed up, please email mrs.clare.morgan@googlemail.com to say that you intend to come.
  • Do bring your parent/carer/helper to stay (and get involved) for the day if you need help and support or supervision. (We can’t take responsibility for any under 18s on the day – children must be supervised at all times).
  • Do bring laughter, your sense of humour and your best smile. You will need them. There will be times to listen, wait and be very patient as we work together to get organised.
  • Do bring a copy of the music (if you have one). We will have words for everyone and some music copies for those who want it.
  • Do bring a cake (as well as lunch) if you can.

Everyone is invited. Everyone will be able to get involved, whether you are nearly nine, ninety-nine or anywhere in-between. We’ll start working at St Mary’s Kidlington after the morning services with breaks for a ‘Bring and Share’ lunch and some cake in the afternoon. We’ll have our final run through at around 4.30pm.