All Souls

Sunday October 31st at 5.30pm is our annual All Souls service at St Mary’s Kidlington, when we remember those dear to us who have died. We will be reading out the names of those whom we have lost throughout the year, and from Sunday 24th October we will have a preliminary list on the front desk of St Mary’s so that you can manually add on the names of those you wish remembered. Alternatively, email the Parish Office at office@kidhp.org.uk. You will be invited to light a candle for each person. Additionally, this year you are asked to bring a single flower for each person that you are remembering. (we will make instant flower arrangements during the service). Spares will be available if you forget!

There will also be an All Souls service of remembrance at St Mary’s Hampton Poyle at 5pm on Sunday 7th November.

As we get nearer to Christmas, which can be so hard for people who have lost loved ones and friends, we will also be holding our service “Presence and Absence” at St Mary’s Kidlington at 5.30pm on Saturday 11th December.

Do let others know about these services if you think they would value them. Each is a gentle time of remembrance.