Kidlington and Hampton Poyle 800 – For the Future

So many groups use, or want to use, both these beautiful old churches but the current facilities are not appropriate for modern day standards. People cannot visit Hampton Poyle for any period of time without toilet facilities so we can’t run many events in this much-loved gem. St Mary’s Kidlington hosts so many larger scale events and services as well as children’s and adult midweek groups. The hall facilities really need upgrading and making accessible so that we can continue to serve local people. And nothing can happen without a solid roof!

We have three building projects linked to our Kidlington and Hampton Poyle 800 celebrations:

  • a top quality accessible community hall, with office, meeting room, and modern facilities behind St Mary’s Kidlington
  • a water-tight roof for St Mary’s Kidlington
  • an (accessible) toilet and servery for St Mary’s Hampton Poyle.

Proceeds from the events of our celebration years are for the Kidlington and Hampton Poyle 800 Projects Fund which will go towards the costs of all three projects. Fund raising will continue for some time and all contributions or supportive events are most welcome.

The first step will be to improve the accessibility and usability of our main church space. This will include

  • new slope in the Porch
  • level flooring in South Aisle
  • level flooring around Tower and South Transept
  • “reclaim” use of North Transept, to include level flooring, storage facilities and a servery

This would be followed by the replacement of our current Refectory with a larger and more flexibly arranged hall. The principle aim is to enhance facilities available for those using the church, hence providing space for church meetings, funeral receptions, baptism parties etc, rather than to build just for income-generation purposes. This also means that the number of people accessing the site would not necessarily be greatly increased.  Facilities would include:

  • one large hall, which could be partitioned into two separate spaces, such as for creche and Sunday School
  • a larger kitchen
  • a lobby area which could be used for small informal meetings
  • a fully equipped Parish Office
  • eco-friendly design including, if possible, roof solar panels, heat source pumps etc.

To find out more and have your say on our plans, just view the Consultation information.

In recent years a number of repairs have been made to sections of the roof of the church and Refectory. While these are expected to prevent major damage for a few more years it is imperative that we don’t delay the necessary extensive repair work, especially for the nave, south aisle and Lady Chapel.

This church currently has no toilet or kitchen facilities, limiting the use of the church and restricting further community use of the building.

The proposal is to reorder the rear of the church which currently has a vestry and storage area that is screened off behind a curtain.  A single enclosed accessible toilet and a vestry would be installed in this area.

Water for refreshments is currently carried there each week as necessary. The refreshments are then served from a table in the south aisle and it is proposed that a servery with sink and storage would be installed at the back of the south aisle, in the area currently used for storage.

The servery, toilet and vestry would be finished in oak in keeping with the interior and organ within the church.