Worship “in-person”

We can now publicise the “in-person” services in our three churches up to mid-September. We hope that you will be encouraged by the way we are continuing to open up, whilst giving all clergy some “time off” over the summer.   As ever, we will all have different feelings about when we feel it is right to return to worshipping in the buildings. We do not expect that everyone will come back all at once. Some of us have been coming week by week for some months now, others of us are beginning to come back after receiving second vaccinations, and still others are waiting a bit longer. However you feel, it is OK. There is no pressure on anyone. If you haven’t been in person yet, you might like to know that we are continuing to take health and safety very seriously in the way we conduct services and people are sitting well apart with cleaning before and after (Big thanks to Sue!).

Our main Sunday morning services are at 10am (including St John’s) and the online service also remains at 10am so there is plenty going on all at the same time. In July (but not August), we  will also be holding the Sunday 8am Holy Communion using traditional language at St Mary’s Kidlington. This is for a trial period to be reviewed by the PCC at the end of the summer. The Wednesday morning (11am) service of Holy Communion continues at St Mary’s Kidlington. A number of early evening services are also planned for St Mary’s Kidlington – Choral Evensong inside, or worship with longer periods of congregational singing outside (when the weather is kind to us). 

We are now considering the national church guidance on worship following the removal of government regulations on July 19th and will be making further announcements shortly. 

Whatever is decided, please note

  • You are now allowed to sit with other people if you wish (and of course if THEY wish too!) so we won’t be setting out chairs according to a seating plan.
  • We will have available some laminated cards which inform others that you would like to maintain distance – if you want to keep distance you can either choose chairs which are already spaced apart or take a laminated card to put on the seats on either side of you.

We can also now serve refreshments indoors;  of course, if the weather is good it remains much the safest thing to be outside. 

All services until mid-September are shown in the parish calendar. Booking will not be required for services after Sunday 26th July.