“Beauty for Ashes” Lent Calendar

This year our Lenten journey is not about penitence or abstinence but about finding sustenance. Our theme is ‘Beauty for Ashes’. The ashes of this year we know about, but we have found beauty too along the way. We have come so far this year, but there is further yet to go. We have already supported each other in many ways and we will support each other this Lent in the sharing of the things that have helped us so far. If something has helped me perhaps it will help someone else too. We have gathered our pictures, words, poems, thoughts, music and we share them each day with you as an encouragement on your journey; each day a simple offering from one of our number. It is another way of traveling together when we cannot physically be together. Our thoughts may not be wildly theological, but they will be our thoughts, and the journey will be our shared journey. Feel free to send us your offerings too of anything that has sustained you – from jokes to iambic pentameter!

17th Feb
Ash Weds
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Mothering Sunday
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Palm Sunday
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Maundy Thursday
2nd Apr
Good Friday
3rd Apr
Holy Saturday
4th Apr
Easter Sunday