Ash Wednesday, 17th February

We will be holding two services to mark Ash Wednesday on February 17th:

Pause for Prayer at 10am will be a Service of the Word with readings and liturgy, led by Felicity. There will be space to ash yourself during this service (see below about ashes). You can join this service at any time afterwards even if you can’t make 10am. Download the service sheet here.

The Eucharist with sermon and music will be at 8pm live on Zoom using the same numbers as Zoom coffee. This is a new way of doing liturgy for us. We will be able to see each other (unless you prefer to keep your camera turned off) so we will be more aware of worshipping together. We can sing together like we do in the sing-alongs. But we will not be doing a recording of it so you can’t join this service afterwards. (There are plusses and minuses). The order of service is available here.

You can collect a small brown envelope of ash from any of the churches from now on. Or you may like to make your own by burning your own palm cross, or lighting a match and using the residue, or even snuffing a candle wick out.

We also have a Prayer Walk for Ash Wednesday with readings, reflections, and simple activities. This is designed for Ash Wednesday but can be done at any time in Lent – so why not use it on your walk when the weather is kind? There are copies of the walk leaflet at the back of our churches or you can download it here.