9th March

Alison Johnson

The word Connecting summarises what has sustained me during lockdown. I have been connecting by phone, email, Facetime and Zoom with:

  • Family members in Corsham, London, Loughborough and Scotland,
  • Family members and friends in Canada and Australia,
  • Friends in the village back in Derbyshire where we’d lived in for thirty years,
  • Friends including three university friends in the London area,
  • Friends among my ex-colleagues in Derby,
  • Friends from various parts of my past in Clitheroe and on Merseyside.

Re-connecting with the local neighbourhood where I was born and brought up in Summertown and enjoying the company of my oldest friend who lived next door there and now lives in Yarnton.

Connecting with my roots through tracing family history – something I’d long wanted to do but never had time.

And last, but by no means least, connecting with the church which has brought me such joy and spiritual nourishment.

At its core, prayer is about connection too. Prayer connects us with God and with others and with ourselves and with all that is around us. When we pray we can be completely ourselves: we don’t have to worry about saying the right thing or getting it wrong somehow. We don’t even have to use words at all. We are connecting with the One who made all things and who made and loves us.


Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer,
Great Lover of souls,
You who made me
And who knows me
As I am;
Pour out your grace this day
That I may connect more deeply with you,
With those you give me to be with,
With the world around me,
And with my deepest innermost self.
And may I love others
with just a fraction of your love for me
this day and every day