8th March

Rosemary Meara

“Whatever you sow in the ground has to die before it is given new life, and the thing that you sow is not what it is going to become….” 1 Corinthians 15:36

I have created this textile piece, called “Rose Hips”, from dyed fabric pieces which have been screen printed and stitched. The dry, dead seed heads contain the seeds that will germinate and bring new life in springtime.

St Paul uses this same image to try to hint at the new life after death which will be ours in Christ. It is an image which can also be applied to this extended time of deadness which we have been living through during the past twelve months, when so much that we value seems to have died. And yet this time contains the seeds within it of new life and fresh possibilities, and points to the hope of better things to come as we look ahead to Easter and the coming of spring.


For the cycle of life which brings death and rebirth
We rejoice in the promise of Spring
For lengthening days and sunlight’s warmth upon the soil
We rejoice in the promise of Spring
For a snowdrop’s beauty reflecting its Creator’s artistry
We rejoice in the promise of Spring
For all of creation and the majesty of its Creator
We rejoice in the promise of Spring. Amen.