31st March

Margaret Dee

This prayer card belongs to Margaret Dee and she has carried it in her purse for six years. It is so short and simple but is at the same time a huge prayer of trust.

This year we have needed prayers like this to keep us going through some very tough times. A prayer does not need to be complex or have posh words – God is not our English teacher and he does not only respond to seventieth century words!

In this prayer God is our close friend – he and I are one team working together through everything that happens in each day. He is intimate, encouraging, and he gives wisdom and strength to get us through everything.

He is also powerful and strong – nothing is too big for Him, so we do not have to be afraid.

Whatever this day holds for you, you can trust in God, who is close to you and will give you what you need.

Reflection written by Felicity