30th March

Pam Cooper

These are spring flowers from Pam Cooper’s garden.

Pam, like many people, has shown great courage and strength in staying at home for most of this year, and over the year many of us have found our world’s have shrunk somewhat. One consequence of this is that we have begun to notice things that before might have been too small to have attracted our attention. This year a single flower has become a jewel, and the song of a blackbird a symphony; in other years we might have trodden on that small bloom or rushed away from the bird in our haste to get in the car and keep that appointment.

I think this photo is a study in small beauty. The more you look at it the more you appreciate. There are actually many varieties of plant here not just the crocuses and snowdrops  – how many can you spot? Others will flower later when these ones have stopped, and the cycle of beauty and life will continue.

The cracked pavings give structure and context to the flowers. Some flowers grow up in the darker cracks. I wonder what blooms for you in the darker cracks of your life journey?

Thank you Pam for sharing this picture. May we continue to notice the small details of all around us and God’s hand in everything, large and small.

Reflection written by Felicity