28th March – Palm Sunday


These are the palm crosses made by people in the parish this time last year. We were just entering into the new restrictions and we didn’t know how to do things. How much we have learned since then. Palm Sunday is such a big day in the church year with processions and liturgy and drama, and we had to keep it without meeting. How is this possible?

I remember doing an online tutorial on how to make a conventional palm cross but all the ideas that you came back with were so much better than this. You made crosses out of stone and soap and twigs and in the sky. You saw signs of Christ all around us. You photographed them and sent them in and we made a fitting celebration of this special day.

At that time your creativity was for me a huge sign of hope. You all demonstrated that inside us there are wells of light and life and that together we call forth something bigger, stronger, more beautiful than we had ever dared to think.

One year on we still need each other and we still need those well-springs of life and faith that we might call creativity.

Where are the signs of Christ around you today? What sort of cross would you make for today?