26th February

Rebecca Cooper and Philippa Smith

These beautiful paintings are the work of Philippa Smith and Rebecca Cooper.

Rebecca writes: “for us the paintings were a chance to spend time together focusing on something positive and distracting. Neither of us had ever touched a paintbrush before so they were a learning curve and pushed us out of our comfort zone. Now they serve as a reminder of the positive things that have come out of the last 12 months.” She recommends the BBC programme ‘The Joy of Painting’ by Bob Ross as an inspiration and encouragement for anyone to get going.

Well done Philippa and Rebecca! No one would guess that these are your first paintings! They look so accomplished.

When we do something creative like painting or playing an instrument, it takes all our attention. We have to concentrate on this alone and that very concentration takes us away from whatever else we are concerned about in the day. When we return to the day’s routines we feel refreshed, and maybe even a little healed.

Afterwards there is the sense of satisfaction: here is what I made / did. I never thought I could do that! Maybe I could do something else next? Maybe I could do something different? Perhaps I could experiment a little? There is a joy in being creative as an adult: we don’t have to prove anything, and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t matter! But we can play, and experiment, and discover new things….

Creativity is part of God’s very nature and is not only about making art or crafts or music. It is also about relationships and the way we see the world. When we are creative we are sharing a little bit of Godliness.  God’s creation was not something God did once and for all and then left us to ‘get on with it’. His creativity continues all around us as he holds and sustains each of us in being, each moment of each day.


Holy Spirit of energy and new life,
Pour out your creative energy on me today,
Help me to see the world
And the people around me
in a positive way today.
And give me the confidence to create
something new and beautiful today
that my life may be a beautiful picture for you.

Reflection written by Felicity