25th March

Lesley Smith

I started this cross stitch picture before Rebecca was born (so more than 26 years ago!!) but didn’t make much progress. I’ve done many cross stitching projects but this one wasn’t enjoyable. You could only do a couple of stitches in any one colour before having to reload the needle. Progress was slow. During the first lockdown I got it out of the cupboard and decided to try it again. It became a metaphor (if that’s the right word!) for my approach to lockdown. Don’t look too far ahead, just take it a bit at a time. Don’t be put off by the big picture, but appreciate the slow progress of one stitch, or day, at a time. And I finished it before the end of the first lockdown! Got it framed at the stall on Kidlington market, and it’s now on the wall. When I look at it I remember how monotonous and overwhelming it had seemed, but with slow steady steps there was a happy ending.