24th February

Philippa Burrell

I can fully see the attraction of doing jigsaw puzzles though I don’t often do them myself. In a house with two very lively children, my feeling is that it might be a challenge to leave the pieces on a flat surface for any length of time! The attraction of puzzles is that (usually) you have a front cover which gives you the completed picture and then you work towards it. This, of course, is in contrast to so much of our lives, when we don’t know and don’t see the completed picture. Often in life, we feel as though we hold only a few pieces of the puzzle in our hands and have no idea if and how they fit together. The last year especially, I think, has felt like this for many. As well as our personal stories, we can be left struggling to see how the Corona Virus fits into God’s completed puzzle picture for creation: what’s it all about? When will it end? The answers are very elusive at the moment.

So the attraction of being able to complete a puzzle and gaze on the finished picture is evident: as one person has reflected:

“I guess I like jigsaw puzzles because they are challenging but you know if you work at it, everything will eventually fit together and make a beautiful, complete picture. A lot of times (maybe most times), life doesn’t work that way (at least not until we get to heaven), and so for me, being able to put together a puzzle is satisfying and encouraging – reminds me that God is putting together the puzzle of my life and that when He is finished, it will be beautiful and perfect.”


Loving God,
When we are confused by our lives,
When we don’t see how
The different pieces fit together,
When we struggle to see the bigger picture –
Hold us in your loving arms.
Help us to trust
That you are gently fitting
The pieces together
In ways we cannot understand,
In ways that are infinitely loving,
Infinitely tender,
And infinitely true.

Reflection by Susy Brouard