1st March

Janet Warren – Galette des Rois

These pictures show Janet’s galette des rois. The French have been serving up galette des rois  since the 14th-century. Traditionally, it’s served on January 6th – the 12th day of Christmas – to celebrate the Epiphany, a religious feast day commemorating the arrival of the Three Kings to the manger where Jesus was born.

Tradition dictates that when serving galette des rois, the entire cake should be divided such that each guest receives a slice, plus an extra, symbolic slice for any unexpected visitor, or poor person, that should pass by. In this way, everyone has the opportunity to “tirer les rois,” – or “draw the kings” – from the cake.

The “king” is represented by the fève, once a fava bean, now a porcelain or plastic figurine, hidden inside the cake. The person who discovers the fève in their serving is declared le roi (the king) or la reine (the queen) and gets to wear the golden paper couronne (crown) that comes with the cake.

The first picture shown here is the fève (Fr: bean) that is baked inside and the second picture shows the delicious pie and the crown that the person who finds the fève gets to wear. The crown and fève were brought over from Brittany, in a galette, by Janet’s cousin at Epiphany 2018. The fève inscription is “Les pompiers nos heros” – heroes (fireman in this example) being the theme for that year.

As we reflect back on the last year, the theme of heroes has been ever present: we have clapped for heroic NHS workers; we are aware now more than ever of how a multitude of previously unnoticed heroes help us to live our everyday lives (supermarket workers, delivery drivers, people who collect rubbish and so many other roles) and all parents have developed a newfound appreciation for the superhuman work that teachers do in educating their children. We thank God for all the heroes of the pandemic, both recognised and unrecognised, and we pray that you will crown each and every one of them with your love and protection.

Reflection by Meghann Hewett